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5 Steps to Dribbling Career Start Difficulties

The beginning of a professional career for anyone is a step of great personal and emotional value, because it is one of the greatest respons...

The beginning of a professional career for anyone is a step of great personal and emotional value, because it is one of the greatest responsibilities that an individual carries throughout his life, in other words it means how much a person assumes what he is and what he wants for himself. Naturally generating anxiety and insecurity, because it is a new phase, which we can compare to a child who is starting to ride a bike without support wheels and without anyone's help, being from that moment his own responsibility and commitment to drive.

5 Steps to Dribbling Career Start Difficulties

When it comes to human beings it is impossible to generalize and give a "perfect formula" to everyone, for this reason I will deal with the issue more carefully and with a welcoming look. The reason I am adopting such a posture is because I believe that each person happens and reacts in one way, because each individual is different from the other.

When talking about the difficulties of the beginning of the career, I will not give "cake recipe", than the right or not, but I will invite you reader to a reflection around yourself. Our professional life is more an environment and context, in which we present our profile, characteristics and way of being in the world, that is, if you are a dependent person, who sabotages himself in various ways and has as a consequence a limitation, surely will have more difficulty than a person with a more fearless posture.

In most cases and because it is a new and unknown phase, we are afraid of this beginning, generating an anguish around this stage, thus, it is necessary to generate knowledge, because it is only from the information and the "know" that something "unknown" becomes "known". Therefore, generate knowledge before what your professional life may offer you, expand your way of seeing your possibilities, that is, go beyond the theoretical, because practice is one of the best ways to develop and learn what is taught in years of class. For this reason the "Internship" is a great ally for future graduates.

Steps to Dribbling Career

What I bet as a way of helping at this very valuable stage is the power of imitation/repetition, both of which are used appropriately and healthyly, because as I always speak in my texts, we learn from examples and repeat them. If you are mirrored in professionals in your area, in which the posture and professional strategies make sense and that you identify yourself, do not be afraid to base yourself and perhaps literally copy some conduct.

The watchword is ACTION and IDENTIFICATION, because it is necessary to move to make it happen and you actively get to know more about you and your work, believe in yourself, take on what you want for yourself, because working with what you like and identifies generates motivation.

Another fundamental point is not to associate money with work, focus on experience, see this beginning as the foundation of its professional "tower," in which it has to be built with care, affection and attention, because not always people who make money, are in fact working and forming their base. Focus on the quality of what has been presented, add value to be valued as well as professional.

Know that all the goals to be achieved has a process to be followed, do not skip steps, they are the ones that make the difference ahead. Take the path and add value to what you believe in.

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