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Intelligent Women, Foolish Choices

Everything we know today was something learned through models, but there is a difference in receiving this information between men and women...

Everything we know today was something learned through models, but there is a difference in receiving this information between men and women. Men, since childhood, receive signs and observe the male figure as that "needs to act", that is, they create beliefs around what will "make it happen", already women of what will happen to them.

Intelligent Women, Foolish Choices

Intelligent Women, Foolish Choices

By historical forces and around stereotypes created for each personal identity, we learn these beliefs, because both men and women mirror themselves in their "superiors", so that their vision of themselves is created.  Therefore, women mirror themselves in their mothers, while men leave them aside, to follow the example of their fathers.

It is perceived that the focus of primary development for girls is intimacy and relationship, while for boys it is separation and impulse, so that autonomy is established.

Women learn their whole lives that autonomy is not synonymous with well-being but rather with unpleasant feelings and danger, in which any initiative in this way has the consequence of anguish.

I bet you've heard or said you had a rotten finger and that you always choose the wrong man, but it's that all this behavior learned for decades makes women have distorted and limited views in the face of the possibilities of how to position themselves in their lives, being dependent, submissive women and constituting a thought that they are unable to afford themselves, so they don't know how to decide what they think would be good for themselves. That's why it's so common to have deep complaints of frustration around relationships between women.

In all the evolution that the female role has obtained in society it is still possible to observe women waiting for perfect men.

The aspect of perfection often conceals various "armor" in women, in which they make them have foolish choices. Therefore, some are passive, entering into "convenient" relationships, because they have the consequence of not facing reality, which makes them relate, for example, to men already committed, others are shown with an exaggerated critical sense, in which, it considers itself stronger and intellectually superior to most men it knows, so that sooner or later, it finds some "defect" and ends the relationship.

Women who engage in this search end up feeling disappointed in men, not because the men they met were inadequate, but only their expectations were probably distorted by the compulsion to repeat their primary relationships (we know that men also repeat them).

Women need to understand that one cannot recover what they had or wish to have of their parents, because men seek in their relationships: friends, partners and above all an adult lover and not a daughter, in which, will put him in a role of "savior". They need to assume their value and personal satisfaction.

The smart woman doesn't wait for luck or being chosen, she chooses herself. You master your feelings, they take on your worth. They are aware that they can create their own destiny and thus strive to achieve what they want and need. An intelligent woman with sensible choices is responsible for her experiences.

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