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4 Lessons from "Eat, Pray and Love" to Strengthen Women!

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live a life of perfectly imitating the lives of others. So now I'm start...

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live a life of perfectly imitating the lives of others. So now I'm starting to live my own life. Although it looks imperfect and shortcuts, it suits me from top to bottom. " (Eating prayer of love)

4 Lessons from "Eat, Pray and Love" to Strengthen Women!

Leaving everything to go on a journey to self-knowledge is that Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) divorces her husband, leaving her successful career and assets to visit three places: Italy, India, and Indonesia, in search of her absolute truth and something that will make sense to you. And this is where her life takes on meaning and she finds a new reality to live with.

Eating, Praying and Loving shows us feminine courage and strength, teaching us some lessons about what it is to be a woman today, but above all in search of a life that we think is important to us.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, creator of analytical psychology, the human process of finding its identity, is called Individualization.

"The process of individualization is a process of dialogueal confrontation between consciousness and unconsciousness. Conscious and unconscious content unites in symbols. The purpose of the process of individualization is for us to be who we really are. This is not a new idea; PĂ­ndaro has said: "Be yourself." (Verena Kast)

Liz Gilbert is the exact expression of this quest, which shows, especially for women, the value of this great journey: being who we really are.

1) "If you are going to cry over spilled milk, let it be condensed milk!"

That's a fact: We can't change what happens, but we can learn from our experiences.

Sometimes it can be breakups, job losses or frustrations that get us off track, but through the most diverse situations we can take aim from our lives and we realize that there is indeed sweetness in suffering, and that condensed milk, called experience, can be a lost ingredient in our emotional diet. So abuse candy and forget about your size!

2) "What if we just realized that our relationship is bad, and still stay together? [...] Then we can spend our whole lives together... Unhappy, but happy because we're not separated. ”

How far will we go in search of loving happiness? Whether all the mental effort and expenditure for someone we know is beneficial to bring the necessary peace to our hearts is valid.

Liz leaves a situation like this when she sees that it won't add anything to her journey, however initial it may seem. It shows us that life depends emotionally on a person, not worth living with the feeling of caring for the right relationship. And that every woman deserves that kind of event.

3) "You have to learn to choose your mind in the same way as you choose clothes every day, training your mind is the only thing you have to control because if you don't master your mind, you will always have problems."

We always want to control the different situations in our lives. We tend to think that if we do this or that everything will change, but we never stop analyzing what we think and what we pull from our choices.

But Liz has to judge: What really matters? What does my life mean? What do I have and appreciate? Collaborate so that we can also ask ourselves about the quality of our thoughts, about the things we take care of, such as the first joy with the child, and about what we should "play", such as the difficulty of accepting ourselves physically and emotionally.

4) "The important thing is to live and be happy even though it means leaving everything behind and starting over, because in life and love, conquest is done every day."

No pain lasts forever. There are no losses without hidden advantages. This is exactly how Liz's story ends: With the most diverse teachings, it shows us that women are constantly changing beings, and that women's development is an extraordinary journey, which always leads to one goal: happiness irrigated by reality.

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